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 Ryuuto Bachiatari - Sunagakure Genin WIP

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PostSubject: Ryuuto Bachiatari - Sunagakure Genin WIP   Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:20 pm

Name:Ryuuto Bachiatari
Alias:The Accursed
Weight:107 lbs.

Appearance: Ryuuto is a very slender young-man. He doesn't many well defined muscles, but does have a slightly athletic body. He's often seen wearing his cloak, which is a red shaded cloak with a golden crest that binds it. In fact, this golden crest seems to be a recurring theme on his clothing, being it refers to a group he fell in during his travels. On left arm, he has a dragon tattoo, which was a mark that represented his gang. He also has many bandages around his arms which he uses in combat.
Hair:Dark Brown
Ethnicity:Mori no Kuni

Personality:Ryuuto is a very intelligent person, an amazing strategist to say the least. But this is all hindered by two things, his quiet personality and the fact that he is very lazy. People have stated that if Ryuuto "applied" himself, he would be a big success, and become very powerful politically. Ryuuto doesn't really want that however as he can care less of following in his father's footsteps. Whenever Ryuuto is in combat, he tends to focus and watch his enemies movement, and that is the only time he's been told that he applies himself.

Village:Sunagakure no Sato
Special Titles:N/A
Missing Ninja Class:N/A

    Alignment:True Neutral

Experience Points:0
Fighting Type/Style:Taijutsu(Mastery), Genjutsu(Secondary)
Sub Fighting style:Kata Taijutsu(Sub)

  • Standard Pike
  • 25x Kunai
  • 200 ft. Spool of wire
  • 2x Rigged Demon Windmill Shuriken

Kekkai Genkai:

Combat Styles:N/A

Bloodline Limits:N/A

Jutsu Total:0

Missions Completed:0

  • D-Rank:0
  • C-Rank:0
  • B-Rank:0
  • A-Rank:0
  • S-Rank:0
  • Total:0

Background:Ryuuto was born into a noble family that was a major part of the government in The Land of Forests. However, when he was born, their parents were delivered with terrible news. He had a certain disease passed down through their heritage, which was dubbed "Eternal Suffering", due to the fact that if the child didn't die at child birth like many cases, they would suffer throughout their whole lives with this disease that slowly kills them. Ryuuto was unfortunately lucky and lived on, surprisingly not dieing from the disease after birth. Ryuuto's mom and dad gave up a lot for him, one of things included was money that was to be shared amongst the family as a celebration and commemoration to the birth of Ryuuto's dad's first son. Since the relatives did not get the money they wanted, greed over came them, and they treated Ryuuto like dirt. His parents were very fond of him, but every day Ryuuto hated his life more and more. He received and got anything under the sun from his parents, anything he wanted. At a young age of four, Ryuuto wanted to learn how to become a shinobi to defend himself, and his father hired a special jounin to teach Ryuuto discipline and train in ninja arts. Though Ryuuto wanted this, he came to hate it soon enough for the fact he really only learned the basics, and it didn't help him at all with self defense. Ryuuto, despite his relatives, lived a life any child would dream for, everlasting wealth, fame, power... But alas, Ryuuto could not stand for this. At around the time he was ten years old, Ryuuto hatched an idea to run away and escape his problems. He wrote a note to his parents and apologized greatly and then one foggy night, he set off...

Dear Mom and Dad,
By the time you read this, I'll be long gone. Thank you both for supporting me throughout the years, it was great spending time with you.. But I just can't take it anymore. Everyone we know hates me, and I don't even know why. It's quite hard to live on, so I decided to set off and start myself a new life. I promise to become famous so you two know about me and hear about me, so don't worry, and I'm really sorry I'm leaving. Just please don't forget me.
-Love, Ryuuto

As the next dawn came, Ryuuto was filled with sorrow. He was long gone from the Land of Forests, and he knew he couldn't just turn back. It was time to take his own life into his own hands and step into man hood. Along his travels, he decided he was going to need friends, as strength comes in numbers. He fell into a certain crowd and joined a group of kids that we're pretty much young thieves. They stole food, money, clothes(thought most of it was to big for him and he kept it for later years), and many other things, whatever they wanted. One day, they actually stole a very nice painting set, and to show their unity, they decided to all paint what animal suits them best as a mark. Ryuuto put a dragon on his left arm. When questioned "why?", he simply responded with That he was just like the dragons.. Misunderstood and all dieing. No one in the group could comprehend this, as most of them were stupid. Ryuuto seemed to be the only smart one there. In fact the group was so dumb they didn't know what to do when Eternal Suffering had a spike in Ryuuto. As they were traveling outside of the Land of the winds, Ryuuto's disease suddenly had a spike. Ryuuto knew what was going on, but his lungs were failing and became short of breath so he couldn't alert anyone. The group started scrambling, and out of fear, ran away.Ryuuto believed he was going to die, right there on the ground.

Only nightmares filled his head, and he figured he went to Hell. Ryuuto then at one point suddenly shot up out of a bed, gasping for air. He had no clue about his whereabouts, and was honestly a little scared. The house he was in seemed to be made of some kind of stone. He figured he was alone in the house until a strange man came to him and told to him to lay back down. Ryuuto was completely shocked and scared. He had no clue who this man was, and still not an idea where he was. After being calmed down by the man, he laid back down, and the man started explaining. The man arrived on a scene of a bunch of scrambling kids, and this man was just on his way back to his home in Sunagakure no Sato. He knew Ryuuto needed medical attention, so he brought him with him quickly to Sunagakure. After everything was tended to, he had him rest in the man's bed. Ryuuto gave the man much thanks and claimed to be on his way, until the man mentioned he could teach him, and try to make him stronger so when he does get spikes from his sickness, he won't have what happened to him once ever happen again. Ryuuto questioned this until the man stated he would train his body. Ryuuto took the man up on his offer, and trained for many years. During such he did research, and decided he would train in Taijutsu and Genjutsu. Thanks to this man's teachings, Ryuuto breezed through the academy and actually graduated half a year earlier, at the age of 12. Now being able to cope with his sickness more, Ryuuto is now ready to take on anything, and fulfill his dreams.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryuuto Bachiatari - Sunagakure Genin WIP   Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:17 pm


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Ryuuto Bachiatari - Sunagakure Genin WIP
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