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 Training at mountains edge [closed]

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PostSubject: Training at mountains edge [closed]   Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:08 pm

Learning Jutsu


Finally after a long hike down the treacherous mountain trail, Ryoushi finally arrived at a decent location with enough open space to practice as well as an dried up tree that he could possibly use. He paused for a moment near the edge of the trail with a steep drop only a foot step away. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply as he took his first chance to take a moment and relax reflecting on the incident from before. Torao was the name of the ninja that Ryoushi fought with a long way down the trail not to far from one of the entrances to the Earth Village. As he though back to the fight early his head started pounding due to his wound. Ryoushi sighed as he opened his eyes and stepped back a few feet before crouching down and placing his hand on the rough trail as he fell back into a sitting position. Ryoushi sat in silence as he went over the jutsu he would be learning in his head over and over. Shunshin no Jutsu was a pretty simple concept and should be easy to learn. However just going over a jutsu in your head isn't enough. The only way to truly master a Jutsu is to practice it to the point of it being natural. Ryoushi closed his eyes once again as he meditated calming his body down. His heart rate was still a bit high due to the pain from the fight earlier as well as the difficulty of the trail to navigate. The air around him grew still as his heart rate slowly dropped down to a normal pace at which he could continue his training without causing injury to himself. Ryoushi doesn't quite know what he is getting himself into by learning a jutsu such as Shunshin no Jutsu without seeing it been done by another Shinobi.

Ryoushi continuously went over the jutsu in his head until he knew for sure he could attempt it. preparation is everything in this world of Shinobi's. Without knowledge a fight can be lost in an instant. With his eyes still shut Ryoushi reached for his sword with his left hand, not to draw it but to take it off due to it possibly interfering with is practice. He also removes the kunai hidden under his sleeves and places them beside his short sword that was resting on a boulder in arms reach of where he was sitting. Ryoushi however wasn't leaving himself defenseless, he had a long spool of wire that was tied through each one of the loops on his kunai. There for in a moments notice if needed he would tug on the wire to retrieve his kunai. This might come back to haunt him later as he continues training. Ryoushi's eyes suddenly opened wide, he was now ready to begin his training for the day. Ryoushi places his palms on the ground beside his legs where he was sitting and proceed to lift himself off then ground. With great balance he shifted his body weight as he stretched his legs out then up in the air leaving him at a perfect handstand. He bent his elbows enough to where his nose was only inches off the ground as with the assisted surge of chakra he trusted his hands into the ground giving him enough force to push himself up into the air landing swiftly on his feet. Ryoushi was now ready to attempt the Shunshin no Jutsu.

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Training at mountains edge [closed]
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