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 Spiral Techniques

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PostSubject: Spiral Techniques   Wed Aug 18, 2010 4:45 pm

These are techniques that use Spiral Energy

Name: Spiral Energy Fist (スパイラルエネルギーの拳)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Requirements: Spiral Energy
Hand seals: Dragon, Tiger, Dog, Tiger
Description: After preforming the appropriate hand-seals, and the by using spiral energy. The user will cloak one and/or both fists in a layer spining spiral energy. In doing this the shinobi will gain a boost in the power of each individual punch (x2 to be precise) and a bit of a grinding effect with each blow. The user can keep this technique active as long as they can keep a constant flow of their Spiral Energy to both fists and if those said fists are remained closed, cause if not the flow will be instantly cut off.

Name: Spiral Energy Blade (スパイラルエネルギーブレード)
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B
Requirements: Spiral Energy, Bladed Weapon
Hand seals: N/A
Description: By using chakra flow, and a bladed weapon of some kind, the user may feed their spiral energy into their weapon causing their weapons density to increase, giving it higher defensive properties. But aside from the defensive boost, it also gains a different type of style when using the energy cloaked weapon. As the chakra surrounds the blade, instead of sharpening the blade, it rapidly spins around the blade, giving it a powerful grinding effect that would cause either minor to sever damage (Depending on the amount of connection). But it also makes the tip of the blade the most deadly point, for because of the constant spinning chakra around the blade, it makes the tip something of a drill, that can easily go through solid rock or even steal for that matter.

Name: Spiral Energy Shield (スパイラルエネルギーシールド)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Requirements: Spiral Energy
Hand seals: Dragon, Ox, Dog, Hare, Boar, Dragon
Description: After preforming the necessary hand seals, the user would place either one or both hands in front of them (though the amount of hands doesn't matter). The hands that are placed in front of them are fully opened and the user would to serge their spiral energy to them. In doing so the energy would create a circular shield of raw energy, that is approximatively seven feet in diameter and is easily able to block techniques that are under the rank of this technique. Though when faced with technique that are of the same rank, it depends on the type of attack (Like a technique designed to pierce and etc.), but can be easily over powered by technique that are above one rank and higher.

Name: Spiral Energy Drill (スパイラルエネルギードリル)
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: A
Requirements: Spiral Energy
Hand seals: Dragon, Dog, Dragon
Description: The Spiral Energy drill is a one that truly defines chakra control, because after it has been successful molded around the closed fist of the user, the Sprial Energy is changed into a powerful chakra drill. The drill has amazing piercing power and can go though just about anything that the user aims it at. But aside from the amazing power, one of the most helpful assets is that once the technique is done, it is self sustaining, making the technique very easy to keep going even with low chakra reserves.

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PostSubject: Re: Spiral Techniques   Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:31 pm

Alrighty lad let me first start with the basic, there is a reason we do not place up the necessary hand seals in techniques, because every hand seal if made to trigger something different, for instance I'm pretty damn sure your aware that Dragon follows in anything fire related..None of these sir are fire related, please stick to the template of jutsu creation.

Secondly I'd almost laugh if i wasn't familiar with the show that I know these jutsu are going to represent, but being that it's your character I suppose I should critique it in terms of Naruto-styling. Your spiral energy shield says it can be overpowered by techniques of one rank or higher, now how does that apply to Guard-Break techniques since non are even about B rank, I would say B at best, but since these are heavy in terms of certain ninjutsu and especially Taijutsu users I would ask you to revise how that shield can be broken down, the first technique seems alright I suppose and the Spiral energy blade I would recommend the mobility of the weapon by measured as I can easily see someone spinning around a drilling sword like a staff if they had to, this is not only dangerous for the character but kinda ridiculous as I am sure the energy would have to effect the mobility in some way, might as well make it a drill the way it is put here. Finally the obvious Spiral Drill, alright it needs a bit more description on that considering it is A-rank. What exactly is happening? How is the drill's appearance and formation done? is there a transformation time period in which the technique is performed? You must incorporate all of this when making jutsu. But the most important part is it's self sustaining ability, I understand that is actually very useful in combat but please understand that jutsu that move will always be in connection to it's source especially one of this caliber. Low chakra usage and drainage is fine but please state the weaker it will become depending on it's host, that is the only reasonable thing to do there lad. All jutsu will become weaker if the user does, and by all jutsu I mean ones that constantly go using a source from the user.

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PostSubject: Re: Spiral Techniques   Thu Aug 26, 2010 11:20 pm

trashed at user request


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PostSubject: Re: Spiral Techniques   

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Spiral Techniques
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