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 Super Special Awesome Attack

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PostSubject: Super Special Awesome Attack   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:25 am

Name: Zettai Kyuukyoku Furui Tentei Ougi: Katto
Requirements: Must be OVER 9000!
Description: Revered as one of the absolute ultimate secrets of the ancient gods, this nameless technique is best used with a cutting tool, but if nothing is available using it with one's bare hands is easily possible. The object of this technique attains a ghostly semi-transparent appearance and becomes capable of passing through anything. That is not the main point of this technique, however. The object of this technique becomes capable of cutting anything - and it does mean absolutely anything - as it moves around. As it happens, what does get cut and what doesn't is entirely controlled by the user's will.

This technique is very special also because it is based on a super-humanly deep and instinctive understanding of the laws of the universe and their use to do the seemingly impossible. It is believed that this very same ability, only of a greater level, was used by one of the ancient gods to create the world. It would grant the one who has it something close to omnipotence, but either the known users are limited by their human nature or the lineage that grants this ability has thinned out over the ages.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Special Awesome Attack   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:59 am

user was banned, trashed


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Super Special Awesome Attack
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